About us

GammaPoint is a Portland-based full service mobile app development company founded in 2010. In the last four years we have developed numerous iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android apps. Our proprietary platforms are used to minimize time and cost for development of new and unique apps, and our expertise has been used for eBooks, automobile, GPS navigation, education, calendar apps and RSS Readers that require little customization.

GammaPoint strives to innovate cutting-edge mobile apps that propel users forward. From Smartphone to tablets, iPhone apps to Android apps, GammaPoint’s expert team of app designers and developers can design the app to make your project a destination in the wireless world. In a world of fast turns and uncertain performance, GammaPoint creates content-rich enterprise-level smartphone apps. Our small team of industry experts has developed products across numerous industries, bringing our clients' visions and objectives to a modern mobile audience. We are not app-a-day innovators, but are architects of apps without delay. GammaPoint has received accolades in travel and navigation, and is focused on creating avant-garde products to elevate and inspire.



Amit Jain wears many hats at GammaPoint. Amit is the co-founder and CTO of GammaPoint. He is also the main iOS developer. Amit has over 20 years of experience in software industry. He has worked for fortune 500 companies such as IBM, Brocade communications and startups like InterSan. Amit holds Masters degree in Computer Science from University of Minnesota. Apart from crunching code, Amit loves to bike and do wood working. An iPad stand designed and created by Amit was featured on CNET.



Teena Jain is the co-founder and business development manager of GammaPoint. Teena has been working in mobile apps industry long before the apps became household name. Teena has worked for PalmSource and many startups before venturing out for entrepreneurship. She also brings UI/UX experience to GammaPoint team.









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