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What future holds?

Busy lifes, everyone need a personal assitant.

In future there will be a mobile assistant that would learn & manage your busy life. The technological bulding blocks are slowly emerging to make this happen (cloud based neural net, advanced location based services, sensor driven smart wearables, and the list goes on).

Android Wear for Smartwatches

Wow we have another OS to work on! Good thing is, there is not a great learning curve as it is a flavor of Android. But to design for a a small factor definitely is a challenge. We already have some ideas in pipeline that we are eager to convert into smartwatch apps. Stay tuned for our next wearable app... In the meantime you can download WeatherRun and the compatible Pebble app to monitor your activites with weather and heart rate stats.

WeatherRun App Being Presented at Apple San Francisco Store

Gammapoint team was invited by Apple to present and talk about WeatherRun app at Apple's San Francisco store. Got great feedback from the audience. Now we are getting ready for the next version.

WeatherRun App Updated to Support M7 processor

WeatherRun, an outdoor activity tracking app that shows and logs runs, hikes or bike rides along with weather conditions now comes with a step tracker. The app takes advantage of M7 chip in iPhone5S to get access to steps taken and displays it on the app's dashboard. One can view monthly steps in the history screen.

How we got our iPhone 5S on second day of launch, on a Saturday!!!

iPhone 5S was sold out on the day of launch, a Friday, by noon.

We came back dishartened. Om Malik's blog site came to rescue. News flash: Radio Shack also carries the iPhone. So we tried our luck on Saturday morning. Called a few Radio Shack stores, and the lady was kind enough to hold it on our name. So then we got it. It's kind of unbelievable to find such great customer service at a store for an item that is sold out everywhere else.

So don't loose hope try your local Radio Shack.

Unwrapping of iPhone 5S!

Modal controller as a Popover on iPad

On iPads the modal controllers can be presented as a popover views. Here's how you can do it. There are some tricky problems which the following code removes, such as, the popover view shows white rounded corners which are undisrable (more discussed here):



iPhone SDK: Cross fade Sound using Core Audio-AVAudioPlayer

Crossfade sound: dim the first playing sound track & in parallel start and increase the volume of the second playing sound track.

Restrictions from Apple:

- AVAudioPlayer Class Reference:"Play multiple sounds simultaneously, one sound per audio player, with precise synchronization"

Android: IAFF ProCalendar Android app has been released

After months of hardwork and rigorous testing GammaPoint has released the Android version of the popular iPhone shift calendar/organizer app for IAFF Pro-Calendar. We are proud to bring such sophisticated mobile apps to the market.
Goto Shift Calendar Organizer app for Android to download

iOS Apps - Symbolicating crash logs

Its very difficult to read the crash logs for iPhone and iPad apps and to find the exact location of crash.
A reliable method to find the source line number & method name from crash logs:

Android String Resources Error

Multiple annotations found at this line: - error: Multiple substitutions specified in non-positional format; did you mean to add the formatted="false" attribute? - error: Unexpected end tag string
Solution: Change your string declartion to:







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